Job analysis is the systematic identification and documentation of the tasks performed on the job and the competencies required to perform the tasks based on information/data provided by a representative group of job experts. Information in the job analysis must be sufficiently descriptive and detailed to provide an understanding of the job.

  • Job is a class in the City of Los Angeles Classification Plan.
  • Tasks are discrete, self-contained units of work. They reflect the specific behavior of individuals when performing the work.
  • Competencies are the knowledge, skill, ability, aptitude, capability, or other personal characteristics needed to perform the job.
  • Representative group refers to a sufficiently large sample that proportionally reflects the class.
  • Job experts are individuals with in-depth knowledge of the job and its requirements.

City of Los Angeles Personnel Department staff conducts job analyses by interviewing job experts, usually job incumbents and/or supervisors, and having them complete questionnaires. A formal observation of the job may also be conducted as part of the job analysis.

In January 2010 the City instituted a Competency Modeling approach to job analysis. A Competency Bank was established. For each class for which Competency Modeling is conducted, those competencies that best separate superior from satisfactory job performance in that class are identified. In this sense, the Competency Model is said to "model" effective performance of the job. Two additional definitions follow:

  • Competency Bank is a large set of competencies (although competencies can always be added for a given class) from which a Competency Model is derived by a job analysis.
  • Competency Model is the specific set of competencies identified for a given class.

Thus, although the Competency Modeling approach to job analysis is in many respects parallel to previously used job analysis methods, the final set of competencies in a Competency Model differ in format and content from those produced by job analyses conducted prior to January 2010.

Included below is a link to the Competency Bank, which includes the full set of competencies from which each Competency Model is derived, although, as stated, additional competencies may be added for a given class. When reviewing the competencies you will no doubt note that most of them would be very desirable characteristics for performing most jobs. However, as previously mentioned, the goal of the Competency Modeling approach to job analysis is to identify the set of competencies that best distinguish those who perform a given job at a superior level from those who perform it at a satisfactory level, i.e., to "model" effective performance of the job.

Also included below, in alphabetical order, are links to the job analyses for classes for which the City has conducted a recent job analysis. For each class you will find links to the tasks, competencies, and, in some instances, a Physical and Mental Activity Form (PAMF). Where included, the PAMF describes the job by indicating the extent to which various physical, mental, and emotional activities are required. This information helps guide medical staff in evaluating individuals for positions.