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Client Services is divided into three Divisions, each headed by a Personnel Director III. Each Client Services Division provides Human Resources services to various Departments.

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Employee Benefits oversees and administers 3 benefits programs: (1) Health & Welfare Benefits; (2) Retirement Savings Plans; and (3) Commute Options and Parking.

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& training

Engagement & Training is designed to meet the City's workforce development challenges by providing programs to enhance the workforce, encourage learning and innovation, and promote career development.

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Medical Services has three sections: Correctional Care, Occupational Health, and Psychology. The Medical Services Division aims to provide quality medical and specialty care services to the populations served in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

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occupational safety & health

Occupational Safety & Health Division (OSHD) evaluates employees to maintain a safe and healthy workforce assists City Departments in preventing and resolving safety and health issues, and directs departments in control factors affecting employee safety.

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Office of Workplace Equity

The Office of Workplace Equity (OWE) administers and monitors the City's workplace equity programs, and investigates and resolves workplace equity-related discrimination/retaliation/harassment complaints. OWE also leads the City's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives by setting workplace policy and standards, and developing training programs.

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workers' compensation

Workers' Compensation manages the City's self-insured workers' compensation program and partners with Occupational Health & Safety to develop loss control strategies for departments experiencing increased accident and injury rates.

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