welcome to online testing
for civil service exams

The City of Los Angeles Personnel Department offers candidates the opportunity to complete a wide variety of tests online, including training and experience questionnaires, multiple-choice tests, technical exercises, and advisory essays. These tests may be remote proctored or non-proctored and require different equipment, system requirements, and steps for their completion. Please explore this website to learn more about online testing with the City!


No matter the type of online test you are invited to take (remote proctored or non-proctored), there are some general steps that you will need to follow and information that you will need to know to help prepare you for taking an online test. These guidelines are listed below.  If you are invited to participate in an online test, please be sure to thoroughly review all test notices you receive prior to taking the test, as additional information will be included there.

For specific information regarding a certain type of testing method, please scroll to the bottom of the page and select remote proctored and/or non-proctored online testing.

helpful tips


  • Plan for your test day! Online tests must be taken in a private location away from any distractions. Be sure to take some time to plan for where you will complete the test to ensure you will not have any interruptions. In addition, please note that most tests are offered during the day and evening. Therefore, if you are concerned about your internet bandwidth, you may consider taking the test during a time when there are less online activities in your household.
  • Day of testing! Majority of tests administered online are timed. Therefore, you should not begin the test until you are certain you have sufficient time to complete the test in one sitting. Please keep in mind that once you start the test, the timer will begin and cannot be paused or reset. If you do not submit your response(s) within the time limit, you will be timed out of the test and your response(s) will be automatically submitted. Additionally, the test can only be submitted once and your response(s) cannot be changed after being submitted.
  • Stay up-to-date! Make sure that your governmentjobs.com email address is active/valid at all times. This is the email/account you used to apply for the examination and is where you will receive all test-related correspondence including critical information such as test dates, rules and conditions for taking the online test, and/or authorized resources allowed during testing. We don’t want you to miss out!


  • Please rest assured! If you use all of the time allotted to take the test or if you click “submit test,” please be rest assured that your response(s) to the test question(s) have been submitted to the Personnel Department. You may not receive an email confirming the submission of your test, but will receive correspondence from the City at a later date regarding your score or status in the examination.
  • Please bear with us! We review all test materials and/or videos before notifying candidates of their status in the examination, which may take up to several weeks. Therefore, we ask that you please do not call Personnel Department staff regarding your status or score in the examination.

don't forget!

You will receive a notice prior to or on the first day of the testing period. Be sure to carefully read over this notice as it covers critical information related to your specific online test, including the testing period, testing rules/conditions for taking the test, and any authorized aides/resources you may use during the test.

**Failure to adhere to the guidelines of the online testing process may result in your disqualification.**