Below are some general guidelines and expectations for non-proctored online tests. If you are invited to participate in a non-proctored online test, please be sure to thoroughly review the general guidelines on the online testing main page and all test notices you receive prior to taking the test, as additional information will be included there.

Generally, advisory essays and training and experience questionnaires are non-proctored. Please see below for a brief description of each test type.

advisory essays

Advisory essays are an important tool when assessing a candidate’s ability to successfully perform the job. Advisory essays are not only used to assess a candidate’s writing ability, but can showcase a candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities for a specific position. An advisory essay is not separately scored, but will be presented to the interview board for consideration in the overall evaluation of the candidate. Those who do not complete the advisory essay will be considered to have failed the entire examination. To be considered complete, the advisory essay must include a substantive response for each question or problem included in the advisory essay.

training & experience Questionnaires

Training and Experience (T&E) Questionnaires are a type of writing exercise in which candidates describe their background, training, and experience by answering questions related to the tasks and competencies most critical for the position. T&E Questionnaires are submitted to an expert review panel for evaluation. The expert review panel assigns a numeric score to each candidate based on an assessment of each candidate’s writing ability and qualifications as described in the candidate’s T&E Questionnaire. 


You must use a computer or laptop with a reliable internet connection (no webcam required) to take a non-proctored test. You will not be allowed to take the test using a mobile device, such as a cell phone or tablet.

Note: The Personnel Department does not make special arrangements for candidates to take non-proctored tests at a designated location. If you do not have a computer with internet access, you may consider taking your non-proctored test at work (if permitted by your agency/department), at a public library, or by borrowing a computer from a friend/family member.


It is critical that you are aware of and adhere to the testing conditions and rules stated below while taking a non-proctored online test to ensure that you are not disqualified. These testing rules and conditions are put in place to ensure the integrity and security of the test. If it is determined that you did not adhere to the following testing conditions or rules, you will be disqualified from this examination and depending on the circumstances, you may also be disqualified from other examinations you may already have completed and/or be permanently disqualified from taking any future examinations.

  1. You must complete and submit the test with no assistance from others. No other individuals should respond to, review, or edit your test.
  2. You may not communicate via any medium to other individuals during the test.
  3. You may not use any device to record any portion of the test or obtain computer screen shots.
  4. You may not utilize any aids (e.g., books, literature, internet searches, or notes) during the test, unless instructed otherwise in your test notice.
  5. You may not use any computer application(s) or software (e.g., Microsoft Word), unless otherwise instructed, to prepare your responses to the questions.
  6. You must submit your responses to the questions via the online test delivery system to be considered further in this examination. Responses submitted via other means (e.g., e-mail) will not be accepted.

contact information


‍‍Email: per.testing@lacity.org

All requests for technical assistance MUST be submitted to the Personnel Department no later than 3:00 PM Pacific Time (PT) on the last day of the testing period.


For general questions regarding a specific examination, please contact the Personnel Department’s Examining Section at 213-473-9163 to be connected with an examination analyst. 

The Personnel Department Examining Section is available Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Personnel Department staff will only respond to examination questions and/or requests for technical assistance during normal business hours.

Important Note: The Personnel Department is not responsible for technical difficulties (e.g., poor and/or loss of internet connection, power failure) during a non-proctored test. Such issues may not be grounds for re-administration of the test. As a result, you are urged to submit the test early in order to ensure that there is sufficient time to resolve any technical issues you may encounter.

Disclaimer: Generally, multiple-choice tests are remote proctored, and essays/questionnaires are non-proctored. However, some essays/questionnaires may be proctored for a specific examination. Therefore, please be sure to ALWAYS review the job bulletin and testing notice to determine if the test you are invited to take is remote proctored or non-proctored, as these methods require different equipment, system requirements, and steps for their completion.