what is the civil service commission?

The Board of Civil Service Commissioners is a City Charter created body of five members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council. Members serve a five year term. The Commission meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month.

The Board has the authority and duty to make and enforce, through the Personnel Department, the Civil Service Rules and Personnel Department Policies as well as establish and maintain the civil service system in accordance with the Los Angeles City Charter and laws of the State of California.

Areas under the Board’s authority include:

  • Establishment of City job classifications for all positions of employment
  • Promulgation of civil service rules that will provide for, among other subjects, examinations, leaves of absences, transfers, temporary appointments, disciplinary hearings and layoffs
  • Review of background disqualifications for Police candidates, Firefighter candidates and civilian employees
  • Review of appeals of tenured City employee for suspensions of six days or more and discharge

The regular functions of the Board are coordinated by the Office of the Civil Service Commission. Board staff is responsible for scheduling all disciplinary hearings as well as meetings of the full Board. It processes and issues legal notices including the Board’s power of subpoena for witnesses and documentation to be presented at hearings before one of the Commission Hearing Officers. Completed records are presented to the Board for review and final adjudication.

All meetings of the Civil Service Commission are open public meetings governed by state law. Some meetings may be held in a closed session when the issue under discussion involve persons with peace officer status as defined by law. Any decisions made at a closed session will be announced without discussion at an open session of the Board.

meet the board

Commissioner Guy Lipa.


Commissioner Karla Gould.

Vice President
Karla M.

Commissioner Jeanne A Fugate.

Jeanne A.

Commissioner Nancy P McClelland.

Nancy P.