how are employees recognized?

The Employee Recognition Program provides supervisors with the ability to provide "on-the-spot" recognition to members of their staff. By utilizing the City's Gmail and Google Docs system, recognition certificates can be created both quickly and easily, while also keeping a record of each department's exceptional work.

Sharing information about the accomplishments with the entire staff and promoting the Employee Recognition Program can be beneficial to overall workforce morale and performance. It is at the discretion of the supervisor or staff member responsible for administering the program in the department to determine exactly when the recognition certificates are presented to the staff.

Supervisors are encouraged to provide their staff with recognition on an ongoing basis. Staff meetings can be the ideal setting to recognize exceptional performance.

  • Recipients should be recognized when they have demonstrated performance or created a work product that exceeds the standards of their positions.
  • Recognition can be used for noteworthy contributions of an individual or a group.
  • Recognition should align with one of the preset categories.
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Effective supervisors and managers understand the benefits of praising the workforce for their good work and regularly apply the principles of performance recognition in their working relationships. This program is designed to facilitate those efforts.

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categories of recognition

The Employee Recognition Program aims to acknowledge employees of the City whose efforts and work products support the Mayor's Priority Outcomes, as well as other organizational objectives. Individuals will be recognized for their work within one of the following categories, which align to those outcomes and objectives.