There are over 1,200 job classifications in the City of Los Angeles, currently only entry level positions are listed below, other positions will be updated as they become available. The following database contains position information (e.g., class specifications, job analyses, career ladders, exam calendars, eligibility lists, and short descriptions) for various entry-level civil service jobs in the City. These positions can be considered as an "entry" into the city through a civil service position.

A Civil Service (regular) appointment is when one is appointed from an eligible list or a reserve list to a permanent position of half time or more. One may also be granted regular status in accordance with the City Charter. Civil Service (regular) appointment requires you to successfully compete in the Civil Service examination process. Civil Service (regular) appointment allows for the accrual of civil service tenure, contractual employment rights, and due process rights.

159 results
Position Title (Class Code) ▲▼
Landscape Architectural Associate (7933)
Librarian (6152)
Locksmith (3393)
Machinist (3763)
Maintenance Laborer (3112)
Maintenance and Construction Helper (3115)
Management Assistant (1539)
Marine Environmental Supervisor (9433)
Materials Testing Engineering Associate (7967)
Materials Testing Technician (7968)
Position Title (Class Code)
Mechanical Construction Estimator (3342)
Mechanical Engineering Associate (7554)
Mechanical Engineering Drafting Technician (7551)
Mechanical Helper (3771)
Mechanical Repairer (3773)
Meter Reader (1611)
Occupational Health Nurse (2314)
Operations and Statistical Research Analyst (1779)
Painter (3423)
Park Ranger (1966)

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