No WrongDOOR Logo.

In support of the Mayor's Office initiative to address homelessness in the City of Los Angeles, the Personnel Department has developed resources that outline the support and assistance that is available to address some of the issues being experienced by the homeless. The resources include an information card and flyer which contain information related to the areas of housing, employment, health, and other critical services. We've sourced this information from trusted community partners and other governmental agencies that provide direct services to the homeless population. Both the information card and flyer are available for download so that they can be shared and distributed widely.

In addition to the information card and flyer, the Personnel Department is also implementing a "No Wrong Door" policy at Personnel Department buildings and facilities. If you see the "No Wrong Door" logo posted outside a Personnel Department facility you are welcome to enter the building and receive information on resources available to address some of the issues you may be experiencing.

With this effort, the City of Los Angeles and the Personnel Department are committed to helping the City's most vulnerable. We invite Angelenos to join us in this effort by sharing and distributing the resources widely. Thank you for partnering with us and making the City of Los Angeles a beacon of hope for those who are in need.