Management Analyst


Transfer | Location: Civic Center

Annual Salary

$83,165.04 - $121,542.48

contact information

Ernesto Gomez
(213) 228-7430

job description


Management Analyst

Conservation & Sustainability


The Library Department is seeking to fill one (1) Management Analyst position. The position is assigned to our Facilities & Event Management Division. The position is located at the Central Library (630 W. 5th Street, LA 90071). To assist candidates in determining their interest in and suitability for the vacancies, we are providing a summary of the job duties. These descriptions are not all-inclusive.



·         Mayor’s Conservation & Zero Waste Compliance

·         Provide oversight to the Sidewalk Repair program.

·         Management of LED retrofit installation at branch facilities.

·         Coordinate conservation projects and programs with LAPL staff

·         Coordinate with LAPL staff and other City Agencies regarding conservation and

sustainability projects.

·         Assist the Library’s participation in the city’s building decarbonization program.


·         Manage and oversee the projects funded by grants and special funds

·         Responsible for applying for grants and other special funding.


·         Receive and process Requests for Information for EIRs

o   Provide information about libraries affected by future construction

·         Prepare and provide recommendations for mitigation fees to be paid to LAPL


·         Liaison to ITA regarding fire alarm, intrusion alarm, and phone lines

·         Liaison to Technology Support (TS) for the Security Camera Badge Access program

·         Monitor SIMS reports to ensure intrusion alarms are functioning

·         Submit SNOW tickets to ITA as needed for issues

·         Assist branch staff in troubleshooting intrusion alarm issues

·         Monitor fire alarm notifications and problems. Submit and track Engage tickets submitted to GSD to ensure fire alarms are functioning

·         Manage Fire Watch requests and cancellations


·         Help keep track of the status of the Defibrillators in the 72 branches.

·         Contact LAFD to coordinate a repair or battery replacement when a Defibrillator’s power is low.


·         Supervise Senior Admin Clerk and Admin Clerk

How to apply

This is a citywide transfer position. As such, all candidates must be current city employees who either are currently be in the class of Management Analyst and have passed their 6-month probationary period OR candidates must have previously been appointed to the Management Analyst classification and have completed their probation in order to apply. All candidates who submit their application for this position, and have not met the above requirements, will be informed that they are not eligible to apply for the position.

Candidates must submit a completed, up-to-date, departmental application to the Library Human Resources Office at The bulletin will be open until sufficient applications have been received.


Please note, all applications will be reviewed and each candidate's personal and professional qualifications as delineated in his/her application will be reviewed for qualifications relative to those of other candidates. Candidates who present qualifications which most closely match those required for the position will be invited to interview.