Executive Director of the Police Commission



Annual Salary

$169,169.00 - $247,323.00

contact information

Cindy So
(213) 236-1450

job description



$169,169 to $247,323 Annually


The Executive Director of the Police Commission is the chief administrative officer of the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners, a civilian oversight board comprised of five Commissioners appointed by the Mayor. Under the City Charter, the Board of Police Commissioners is the head of the Los Angeles Police Department (“LAPD” or “Department”), setting policies for the Department and overseeing its operation. Consistent with the instructions provided by the Police Commission, the Executive Director administers the affairs of the Police Commission. The Executive Director works closely with the Police Commission, individual Commissioners, and the Police Commission sworn and civilian staff to anticipate and analyze issues that may come before the Commission and recommend appropriate Commission action. To further the work of the Police Commission, the Executive Director also coordinates with the Office of Inspector General, the Chief of Police and command staff, the City Attorney’s Office, other branches of City Government, and the community at large.

The Executive Director of the Police Commission is selected by, and serves at the pleasure of, the Board of Police Commissioners. The Executive Director is the Commission's chief administrative officer. The Board of Police Commissioners has the power to appoint and remove the Executive Director, whose position is exempt from Civil Service provisions.

The Executive Director has line authority over all subordinate sworn and civilian employees of the Police Commission, including the authority to appoint, discharge, discipline, suspend or transfer staff of the Police Commission. The Executive Director is expected to be a visionary leader that values transparency and accountability, is committed to the Police Commission’s oversight mission, and provides the Police Commission with expert leadership and technical support.


The Executive Director of the Police Commission directs the following program activities of the Police Commission through subordinate supervisors:

  • Supports, plans, directs, and coordinates all Police Commission-related meetings, directives, programs, services, and activities, including providing support to individual Commissioners carrying out their duties as Commissioners.
  • Directs and supervises all civilian and sworn personnel assigned to the Police Commission and Commission Investigation Division.
  • Supports and oversees the development and implementation of the Police Commission’s policies and directives, including coordinating with the Chief of Police and command staff to ensure implementation and accountability.
  • Coordinates with the Office of the Inspector General to ensure the Commission is provided with investigations, audits, and other information as necessary to support the Commission’s effective operation.
  • Acts as the primary liaison for the Police Commission with other City departments and officials, including the Mayor, City Council, and City Attorney's Office.
  • Acts as the primary liaison for the Police Commission with community groups and organizations.
  • In conjunction with the Commission’s Public Information Director, acts as a liaison to the media and assists with processing public requests for information.
  • Represents the Police Commission at various civic and governmental functions and with other police agencies and civilian organizations.
  • Prepares the annual budget for the Police Commission.
  • Prepares reports to the Police Commission or individual Commissioners, as needed.
  • Provides input to the Board Secretary with respect to the Police Commission's agenda.
  • Reviews sworn and civilian employee grievances and complaints to the Board of General Appeals.
  • Directs the preparation and presentation of grievances and general appeals to the Board of Police Commissioners.
  • Oversees the investigation of applicants for police permits.
  • Directs follow-up investigations of businesses requiring police permits to ensure adherence to Board regulations.
  • Directs the enforcement of the Los Angeles Municipal Code, False Alarm Ordinance.
  • Communicates equal employment opportunity information to employees.
  • Fulfills supervisory responsibilities as set forth in the City’s Equal Employment Opportunity Program. The Executive Director may, at the discretion of the Board, be assigned to other duties.


It is desirable that the Executive Director of the Police Commission have the following knowledges and abilities: 

A good knowledge of:

  • Organization, responsibilities, functions, policies and procedures of police agencies, including the Los Angeles Police Department.
  • Current trends and developments affecting police work, including police reform initiatives and police oversight practices.
  • Principles, practices, methods, and techniques of public relations, public administration, management, organization, budgeting and financial administration.
  • Sound supervisory and managerial principles and practices including motivating, instructing, training, evaluating, counseling, and disciplining personnel.

A working knowledge of:

  • Memoranda of understanding as they apply to sworn and civilian personnel.
  • Principles and practices of labor relations.
  • City Charter and Administrative Code as they apply to the Police Department.
  • City personnel rules, policies and procedures.
  • Local, state, and federal government rules, policies and procedures.

The ability to:

  • Work and collaborate with a variety of stakeholders, including Commissioners, Commission staff, members of the Department, the Office of Inspector General, city officials, and community organizations.
  • Perform public speaking assignments and handle press relations.
  • Write reports, prepare statistical analyses, and carry out independent research and fact finding assignments.
  • Listen openly to a variety of viewpoints.
  • Deal tactfully and effectively with both sworn and civilian employees of the Police Department and Police Commission.
  • Develop and maintain cooperative relationships with governmental officials, agencies and civic organizations.
  • Demonstrate a sensitivity and respect for, and work successfully with, a diverse population, including various ethnic communities and members of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the unique issues faced by individuals experiencing homelessness and residents with mental illness, particularly as they relate to interactions with law enforcement.
  • Establish and maintain a work environment to enhance both employee morale and productivity.
  • Apply sound supervisory and managerial principles and techniques.


  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognized four-year college or university and five years of management experience directing staff with responsibility for oversight, review, or audit activities for a law enforcement, governmental, legislative or legal agency.
  • Experience in dealing with the criminal justice system, law enforcement issues and operations is especially desired.


The current annual salary range for the Executive Director Police Commission is $169,169 to $247,323.

A highly competitive benefits package includes an independent retirement plan to which both the employee and the City contribute; a multi-option deferred compensation plan; generous vacation and sick leave; 13 paid holidays per year; a flexible benefits plan including multi-option health, dental, and vision coverage; and family and domestic partner leave. 

How to apply

Electronic submittals are required. Interested candidates should immediately submit a resume, cover letter of interest, and four professional references (include name, job title, affiliation, email address, and telephone number) to:

Los Angeles Police Commission

Attn: Cindy So, Senior Personnel Analyst II

Email: PC-ERS@lapd.online

Questions may be referred to Cindy So at (213) 236-1450

Note: When emailing your application material, the subject line should reflect your name and the Executive Director of the Police Commission job title.

Interested applicants should submit their application as soon as possible. This position will be considered “open” until a final selection is made. Candidates are strongly encouraged to apply by Friday, July 26, 2024.


Due to an anticipated large volume of applicants, resumes will be screened against the criteria as outlined. Following the screening process, the most outstanding candidates will be invited to participate in the interview with the Los Angeles Police Commission.

COVID-19 VACCINE REQUIREMENT: For candidates seeking initial City employment, in accordance with Los Angeles City Ordinance 187134, information regarding COVID-19 vaccination requirements as conditions of employment may be found at: https://clkrep.lacity.org/onlinedocs/2021/21-0921_ord_187134_8-24-21.pdf.

BACKGROUND CHECK AND MEDICAL EXAMINATION REQUIREMENT: Candidates seeking initial employment with the Los Angeles Police Department and the City of Los Angeles must successfully pass a background check and medical examination.

The position of Executive Director of the Police Commission is an exempt, at-will position. The individual appointed to this position will not accrue any civil service tenure, contractual employment rights or due process rights. The incumbent may be removed, without cause, by the hiring authority.