Administrative Intern - Data Unit


Exempt | Location: Civic Center

Hourly Salary

$23.56 - $25.55

contact information

Marcel Nguyen

job description

Occupational Summary:
The Administrative Intern in Information Technology will help the Fiscal System Specialist optimize business performance, improve efficiencies, and strategically guide business decisions with data algorithms converted into mechanical processes for human consumption. The incumbent must employ their technical skills to transform data into meaningful insights to make it easier to get value
from the data. The position provides flexible work schedules, preparing college students or recent graduates to perform professional-level staff work of an introductory nature to boost employee productivity, reduce churn rate, and maximize the impact of limited resources using machine learning.

Work Performed:
• Works closely with stakeholders across the organization to collect and clean data to identify solutions to business problems and opportunities for improvement.
• Identifies trends and patterns of data with data visualizations applications to communicate insights and solve data-related problems.
• Engages with the application development team to integrate internal applications with various data sources; suggests user interfaces that are intuitive, user-friendly, and visually appealing with applicable images and emoticons.
• Participates in training different machine learning models; monitors performance and identifies improvement opportunities to reduce the model’s bias with rigorous testing and validation techniques.
• Coordinates and collaborates with the user testing of the applications developed; ensures a smooth transition to AI solutions, including keying in scenarios and facilitates communications with stakeholders on verifying the results met expectation.
• Periodically revisits the entries entered by other relevant users and suggests improvements to the data analytic model.
• Documents user manuals, correspondence, instructions, checklists, and various office procedures for in-house applications.
• Other related duties as assigned.

How to apply

• Strong Communication skills to communicate effectively and professionally in a work environment, and maintain confidentiality.
• Good self-motivation skills, including taking initiative, setting goals, and working
independently after understanding the division's objectives, while maintaining a positive attitude;
• Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and teamwork skills are highly desirable.
Administrative, technical, or clerical experience is preferred.
• Skill in meeting multiple deadlines and working in a busy environment
• High level of proficiency in Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access and/or other database software.

The selection process will consist of a performance exercise and oral interview. Only those candidates who meet the minimum qualifications will be scheduled.
Interested candidates should submit the following to:

1) Regular City Application
2) Résumé
3) Contact information for three professional references: Reference Check Form

Applications will only be accepted via upload link. Incomplete application packages will not be considered.