Senior Equipment Mechanic



contact information

Susan Sharpe
(213) 486-1020

job description

Senior Equipment Mechanics plan, schedule and direct the activities of a group of Equipment Mechanics and Garage Attendants in the maintenance and repair of automotive equipment. Complete services and repairs as needed to assist in the completion of work.  Maintain records and files related to shop activity including fleet maintenance records, employee performance, and stockroom usage.  Prepare reports related to shop activity including fleet inventory, order, receive, and stock parts and supplies to support shop operations.  Oversee the work of subordinates to ensure compliance with accepted policies and procedures; provide technical and mechanical assistance; and conduct safety and quality control inspections on fleet vehicles.  Confer with sworn personnel at all levels regarding fleet issues, special events, equipment needs, and personnel matters.  Attend technical and other mandated training. Maintain shop equipment and other related duties.

How to apply

Please submit a Departmental Application and last two ratings to