Management Analyst and Assistant


Transfer | Location: Harbor

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job description

This position is in our Port Police's Fiscal Operations Division (FOD) and is open to Management Assistant's in-lieu & Management Analyst as a regular transfer.

Building and maintaining a data dashboard for senior management to include all Key Performance Indicators (KPls), organized in distinct & separate sections, to include real-time or current data; regular reporting (on all complex data sets, especially if Port Police is required to report to outside entities); as-needed reporting (on operational costs for cruise terminal operation, or at certain location such as the P0CV, or due to an event (Fleet Week) or unusual occurrence such as C19 or social unrests); administration of all our annual contracts, reporting on contract authority & spending and on Galls projected spending on regular basis; timely renewal of annual contracts, and processing & tracking of related P0s, invoices, payments, and expenditures; issuing all uniform letters under Galls contract; updating fiscal database for all purchases under annual contracts, such as Galls and more. 

How to apply

Interested candidates, please e-mail Departmental Application or Resume to by 5:00PM, on Sunday, October 23, 2022.