Senior Systems Analyst I - Innovation Management Division


Transfer | Location: Civic Center

contact information

Tyrone Jew
(213) 486-5704

job description

•Providing project management and cross-departmental coordination for the installation and integration of software and hardware implementations to support the RMS
• Work with users to identify system requirements; develop processing procedures and systems modifications to meet these specifications
• Prepare current and future workflows for system configuration
• Prepare specifications and documents for programmers
• Prepare use case tests scripts
• Perform system tests and collaborate with programmers to resolve issues and errors
• Draft informational materials and graphics to explain systems to managers and users
• Coordinate with managers and users to identify system problems; assess severity of the issues and prioritize responses as necessary
• Responsible for reviewing, analyzing, and occasionally modifying systems including encoding, testing, debugging, and installing to support application systems
• Formulate and maintain documentation related to systems and business application software implementation initiatives
• Perform technical writing duties in the development, production and maintenance of system documentation, instructional materials, and procedural manuals, reviews hardware and software technical specifications
• Perform other related duties as assigned

How to apply

Interested candidates should submit a Departmental Application and last two ratings via email to