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The City of Los Angeles invites your interest for the exempt position of GENERAL MANAGER - DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION 

LADOT leads transportation planning, project delivery, and operations in the City of Los Angeles. LADOT is made up of over 1,300 civil servants, including 600 traffic officers. LADOT manages 52 different transportation services for the City-- from parking and curb management to safety improvements to permits for private mobility operators.


In Los Angeles, all people have access to safe and affordable transportation choices that treat everyone with dignity and support vibrant, inclusive communities.


LADOT’s mission is to lead transportation planning, project delivery, and operations in the City of Los Angeles. We work together and collaborate to deliver a safe, livable, and well-run transportation system in the city and region.


  •      Creativity: A commitment to curiosity, innovation, and critical thinking.
  •      Fulfillment: A commitment to adaptability, growth, and fun.
  •      Accountability: A commitment to responsiveness, follow through, and follow-up.
  •      Integrity: A firm commitment to transparency, ethics, and building trust.

Key Policy Initiatives & Plans

  •       LADOT Strategic Plan 2021-2023
  •       LADOT Annual Report January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2021
  •       L.A.’s Green New Deal: Sustainability pLAn 2019
  •       Public Right-of-Way Protocols (Board of Public Works file BPW-2021-0368)
  •      Interdepartmental MOU: Improving Project Planning and Delivery in the Public Right-of-Way (Board of Public Works file BPW-2022-0048)
  •      Executive Directive 28: 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games
  •      Executive Directive 25: L.A.’s Green New Deal: Leading By Example
  •      Executive Directive 19: Planning and Developing Housing and Transportation
  •      Executive Directive 10: Vision Zero
  •      Executive Directive 1: Great Streets Initiative
  •       Mobility Plan 2035: An Element of the General Plan
  •      CHANGING LANES a gender equity transportation study


LADOT has six main operating groups reporting to the General Manager: External Affairs, Field Operations & Administrative Services, Mobility Management, Parking Enforcement & Traffic Control, Project Delivery & Operations, and Transportation Technology.


LADOT works with two citizen commissions appointed by the Mayor of Los Angeles and confirmed by the City Council:

  •       Board of Transportation Commissioners: The Transportation Commission provides guidance on transportation policies including proposed ordinances regulating city streets; off-street parking facilities; and school crossing guards.  This Commission also hears appeals for private transportation companies operating in the City.
  •       Board of Taxicab Commissioners: The Taxicab Commission sets policies for taxicab operations, franchises, permits, and rates.

Advisory Committees

LADOT has two citizen advisory committees, the Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PAC) and the Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC). These committees advise the City of Los Angeles on mobility improvements that impact people walking and cycling.

For more information about the Department of Transportation, please visit


The City of Los Angeles is seeking a highly experienced individual and dynamic leader to serve as General Manager and lead the Department of Transportation.


  •      Lead, organize, and direct the operations and services of the department through oversight of Assistant General Managers, bureau heads, and other leaders;
  •      Provide direction and leadership in significant projects and initiatives;
  •      Long term planning and visioning for the department, including developing strategic plans and overseeing the compilation of annual budget requests;
  •       Maximize productivity through effective communication with and motivation of department employees;
  •      Establish strong, collaborative partnerships across City policymakers and departments;
  •       Serve as a member of numerous relevant committees, acting as a coordinator with federal, state, and local agencies; and
  •       Participate in public presentations and provide briefings to the City Council, commissions, and advisory committees.
  •       Ensure the department’s projects are implemented, and its core services delivered, within the prescribed budgets and timelines.
  •      Coordinate with the Mayor’s Office to develop and deliver policy and administrative initiatives related to the department’s services.


In building a cohesive team, Mayor Garcetti is looking for these qualities in all General Managers:

  •       Leaders who are not only effective managers, but also have the vision, discipline, tenacity, and skills to set and achieve strategic goals and leave a lasting legacy.
  •      Team players who foster collaboration at all levels of the organizations, with an understanding that problems and solutions routinely cross department lines and city borders.
  •       Team builders who make it a priority to empower, coach, mentor, and recognize city staff to increase their individual and shared capacity to achieve success.
  •       Change agents who use data and performance metrics to drive continuous improvements and achieve the results that matter most.
  •       Strategic thinkers who understand the necessity of taking the long view and the high road in order to achieve outcomes that are environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable.
  •       Role models who personally demonstrate the integrity, work ethic, and genuine concern for their fellow Angelenos that inspires public confidence and motivates City workers to do their best.
  •       Active learners who seek best practices across the public, private, non-profit, and academic sectors to apply them to unique challenges and opportunities in Los Angeles.
  •      Public servants who are passionate about building a greater city in partnership with citizens and civic groups across Los Angeles.


Additionally, top candidates for consideration will also:

  •       Be recognized for exceptional communication skills and responsiveness;
  •       Consistently communicate the Mayor’s strategic transportation vision and direction to the City’s elected officials, transportation colleagues, department employees, and members of the community;
  •      Have extensive knowledge of federal and state transportation funding sources and the ability to develop innovative funding techniques for a variety of transportation program elements;
  •       Represent the department as a showcase for contemporary transportation efforts;
  •      Have a strong background in managing core administrative functions, including knowledge of creating and administering budgets and contracts, principles of personnel management, and application of other general administration or organizational methods;
  •       Demonstrate the ability to effectively respond to, negotiate between, and build consensus as well as positive relations with the all members of the City organization, department staff, the community, federal, state, and local elected officials, and other public and transportation services agencies; and
  •       Possess a track record of recognized and demonstrated leadership, accomplishment, and superior performance.

The successful candidate will be a dynamic leader who combines the ability to deliver the Mayor’s vision for mobility in Southern California with the managerial effectiveness and savvy to bring that vision to life in a challenging geographic, political, and organizational landscape. To accomplish this, the next General Manager will possess the leadership skills to inspire teamwork, deliver results, and demonstrate adaptability and flexibility. Finally, sterling integrity and trustworthiness are also vital in this high profile position.


A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized four-year college or university with concentration in transportation, urban planning, public administration, engineering, or a related field and at least five years of significant, high-level management experience in a mid- to large-size public agency or private sector firm that deals with complex transportation issues, operations, and programs. A Master’s degree is preferred. Applicants with extensive successful experience at the local, state, regional, or national level of government in transportation, urban planning, or public works are encouraged to apply.


Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States and has a multi-ethnic population of approximately four million. It is truly a world-class city that offers a diversified economy and an unparalleled quality of life. Los Angeles continues to maintain its position as an economic power-house, the entertainment capital of the world, and a major trendsetter in virtually every field of human endeavor.

Los Angeles is a charter city and is governed by a Mayor and City Council. The City Council serves full time and has fifteen members elected by district for four-year terms. Boards of Commissioners, appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council, oversee several of the City’s departments and bureaus. Mayor Eric Garcetti was elected in May 2013 and is currently serving his second term.

The City has 44 departments, bureaus, and offices for which funds are budgeted annually by the Mayor and City Council. Within those, the City has three departments (the Departments of Water & Power, Harbor, and Airports) that are financed solely by revenue generated from their operations, which are governed by Commissions, as well as two distinctly separate pension systems (Los Angeles Fire & Police Pensions and the Los Angeles City Employees’ Retirement System).

How to apply

Electronic submittals are required. Interested candidates should immediately submit a cover letter, resume, and three professional references (include name, job title, affiliation, and telephone number) to:

City of Los Angeles Personnel Department

Note: When emailing your application package, the subject line should reflect your name and the job title you are applying for. 

Applications will be accepted until a sufficient number are received. Interested applicants should submit their application as soon as possible.

In order to be considered:

  • Cover letter should contain a statement regarding your vision for the future of the Department of Transportation under your leadership; and
  • Resumes must include: a description of the size and function of the organizations managed; description of your role in the organization; at least one major professional accomplishment in which you played a key role; and any relevant experiences or unique characteristics which could further qualify you for this position.

The position of General Manager of the Department of Transportation is an exempt, at-will management position. The incumbent will not accrue any civil service tenure, contractual employment rights or due process rights. The General Manager is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Mayor. The incumbent may be removed, without any finding of cause, by the Mayor.

For candidates seeking initial City employment, in accordance with Los Angeles City Ordinance 187134, information regarding COVID-19 vaccination requirements as conditions of employment may be found at: